Friday Khutbas Series

Friday Khutbas

IANT - Islamic Association of North Texas Richardson offered first ever weekly ASL translation of Jummah Khutbah to cater the needs of the deaf muslims for sometime. The deaf people have long felt isolated as most of Islam, Quran and prayer teaching/education is done orally through lectures, Khutbas, halaqas, and such information is seldom available in sign language, making it difficult to educate deaf Muslims about Islam. Deaf muslims, thus, cannot benefit from the mosque and their programs unless there are interpreters available. IANT addressed this growing problem in deaf muslim community, and introduced live ASL translation of their Jummah khutba, bringing deaf muslims to the mosque, and be amongnst their hearing brothers and sisters comfortably.

We are so happy to reconnect with deaf community by sharing the weekly Khutbas in ASL from IANT. We hope this will give you deeper understanding of the wisdom behind Allah's words. We pray that you continue to draw strength, and gain knowledge from Allah's book. We hope you benefit from these Khutbas in ASL. Please share with your deaf and hard of hearing friends and family.

Past Khutbas